50 years ago I answered the call to go on a fishing trip into the French River.  A river uncharted and known to only a few who had ventured so far north.  Or so we thought!

A huge river, rich with Canadian heritage and the blood, sweat, and tears of those who had plied the waters hundreds of years before us.  Tricks and trails that were shared and passed on from scant weeks before, to the time present.  With each trip in, the river seemed somewhat more manageable while retaining its intrigue, its magic, and its fascination!

Simple fact is that we never to continue riding our first bike.    In one week that is going to change in a very big way!

I made the comment that I’d love to do a special trip for my 50th this year and was reminded, and questioned  as to my intentions.  One thing lead to another which brings us to an amazing trip about to unfold into, yet another, prime canoeing territory of Canada; that being, Temagami!

So what would you add to a 50th anniversary outing?

Anyone remember reading “Stone Soup”?  This trip will offer a sprinkle of youth, seasoned with experience from trips before.  It will allow for the test of an ambition or a dream, or even a dare, flavoured by the eye of an elder.  This trip will enable thoughts to be achieved, it will instil a believe in a very young heart and mind that there is no limit or boundary to what we may achieve.  It may very well do the same to an older heart!  This trip will be rich from the experience of priors which is readily shared with anyone with the same appetite.

The stone was brought forward, the pot is going to be within Temagami, and I am in awe as to the ingredients available for this pot of soup!

I love what I do!!!


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