It seems like forever since the last time I was as excited about a trip.  That trip was to the French River with my cousin, Tom, and it guaranteed some wild river travel, some monster fish, in addition to other sideline adventures such as diving for equipment after a massive FAIL at running the Big Pine rapids in a motor boat.  There’s a story for another day.  Well somewhere along the line I had mentioned I was keen on a 50th trip and sure as heck, I got called out on it!  So a very special thanks to Shawn Ryder for pulling the trigger on that one, and yes Shawn, there will be fishing, for sure!

One thing lead to another and soon there was a great deal of interest in a trip without a final destination confirmed.  One included another, one suggested another, and very soon we had a group of diversified and worthy contributors on multiple levels coming forward.  Of a number of choices, a final destination was selected and so the planning began, courtesy of the Mad Hatter,yet another story for another day!

So right now, the, “Yup, We’re in” responses are ringing loud and proud and my heart rate is escalating just imagining being a small part of this adventure.  This one has everything from soup to nuts and as Matt put forward, “These people who paddle and blog and enjoy the outdoors; can you imagine the different aspect of writings from everyone?”

It’s been raining all day and the trailer is loaded with a few canoes as you can see.  Steve and I have been back and forth sourcing a canoe for his family and Emma and I have just had a chat as to which canoe she wants to take as she will be my paddle partner so that leads to a question of interest.  What combination of canoes will the Canoe Collector be taking?  “Red” the Chestnut, is in the garage and the trailer shows a 16′ Nova Craft Prospector, a 16′ Swift Algonquin, and a 17’6″ Swift Winisk.  Apparently we have some potential for big water plus some “out of this world” scenery ahead of us so I welcome your input and your guess as to the end combination of canoes.

“Rainy days and Mondays always bring me down”.  The Carpenters did such a great job on that tune and with it being a Monday with rain I have to admit to a down side.  Tom has been gone, both too soon, and for too long now, so I’ll take a moment up there to reflect and I know he will be looking out for Karin and the kids.

So people….two canoes will be going north for our family and your job is to guess the correct combination.



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