The Prospector

Well, what would be more Canadian than strapping a flag to flow free in the breeze and getting away from the day to day. Exactly what we did and the timing was spot on. Limited traffic and before we knew it, we were dropping off the highway for our destination. The winds in the trees welcomed us as we unloaded our gear and let off the straps on the Nova Craft.

Any one who has visited a cottage or camp, knows that you don’t just show up to enjoy!  There’s wood to split or carry, a dock to level or adjust, and of course, the boats to place at the ready.

This trip, we were putting a Nova Craft Kevlar Prospector to trial and it was her first time in the drink as the new owners.  This gal is an older model and shows measures of previous  use, however, as a hull new to us, we went in with open minds.

Being aware of the enormous capacity this hull will accommodate, we remained aware as we paddled.  The response to a turn was enormous and the canoe virtually turned within her own length.  Any correction to course caused in an immediate result with no impact on stability.  From a solo paddle to tandem paddling with my son, my wife, and my buddy, Steve, resulted in the exact same comment; “I like this canoe!”

She’s light enough for me to load on the truck by myself and while solo paddling I got as close as I’ve ever been to sitting in the cradle of the hull. Yes, I’ll buy Becky Mason’s video about creative solo paddling skills.

So everyone was pleased with the Nova Craft and the maps were perused for a solo trip….until we got home and consulted with our daughter who had gone a different direction for the weekend.  We talked over dinner and the solo plans got even better.  When the trip plans were being discussed the option of a father/daughter trip came up and that is exactly what is going to happen.

Everyone is very excited…..well, almost everyone.  Marvin, although we love him, just doesn’t show much in the line of emotion and Izzy, well, he’s pretty much run out of energy.  That’s tough work for a Potcake to share the stage with 4 other dogs, a birthday party, lot’s of swimming, oh ya…..and a black cat!!!

Here’s to a brand new adventure!!!