There’s a comment we hear every time we go through the photo archives, right?  Recently I made comment about backcountry canoe camping  and I dug out some photos from about a while back and brought them up against the more recent snaps.  “Where in the heck did all that grey come from?”

The French River has always had my heart!  It has some of the nastiest bugs I’ve come across and it is said that the bigger ones come equipped with landing lights.  It features our Osprey below the Blue Chute, and please respect our ownership of said bird!  This is a river that you can watch ebb or flow over a long weekend.  The electrical storms are vicious.  The cool evening midnight breeze along with the sound of the rapids in the background as you float, leg locked with 3 or 4 canoes, swirling in an eddy pool under a canopy of the galaxies is a gift you can never be told about; it is one you must experience!

The French has taught me considerably!  Respect of the water and of the land surrounding this fabulous river.  Respect for those who’ve travelled the same path in a different time and the importance to protect the waterway for those to come.  She has given me new experience, new friends, and has provided a base for our children to form their opinions.  I remember a night, many moons ago, where I emerged from a Woods canvas tent, damned near frozen.  One, who was with us, told me how to prepare a bed under the pines and to this day, I remember it as one of the best sleeps I had in the bush.

Please take a moment and share some of our experiences in the heat and in the rain and the cold; from low water to near flood conditions, but always in good company!

So wherever you plans may take you, please enjoy, respect, and thank those who’ve been before you and those who’ve offered something for you!





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