Today marked our first foray into the world of Crown Land camping/outings. It was just time to get into the water with some recently acquired canoes and test out our Kelly Kettle base camp that we bought through so the trailer was loaded with canoes and north we went.

On arrival, Steve jumps from his truck and states he used to come here when he was a kid and had camped on the very island we were headed for. That was great news, indeed, but the laughs really took a quick turn for the worse when we looked at all the garbage under foot.

A light breeze out of the north, every one in their canoes with PFD’s in place, and it was off to the waves we went. A leisurely pace was established (courtesy of the wind at our backs) and we saw a few nice campsites from the lake. The island had been discussed and it was pretty much a given for our soup test site and so the island it was on our tour of the shoreline.   OH MY GOD!  Garbage was rampant and a very obvious disrespect for God’s nature provided for us was every where!  The crazy thing was there were two garbage bags unused, that we filled and took out with us. Christina, you have definitely got the right attitude towards this and we felt good about doing what we did.

SOUP TIME!!!!!   Wow and double wow is about all I can say.  Kelly Kettle says they do this and they do that and guess what?……..they do it!!!  This big boy ate up a litre and a half of water and spit it up, boiling hot, in just a hair over 4 minutes.  The whole unit nests and stacks in as compact a manner as it’s shape will allow but my vote is 100% effective and 110% as for value provided.  The different sizes allow some measure of variance for the tripper, hiker, or car camper alike.  We bought ours through and loved the service.

Each of us has a goal and a style for camping based on the knowledge we choose to seek out.  The learning we seek gives us the guidance we “need” to complete our trip according to our goals.  What we saw today was evidence that some folk just need to raise the bar on their goals.  Easy is just that and soon there is no room left for others to follow, however, when you lead by example, there’s always room for others to follow and learn.

It’s a matter of choice…..!




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