Happy Thanksgiving to you all and I hope you are taking advantage of the outdoors, or at least, taking the time to re-charge your personal batteries.

I spoke last of “Stone Soup”; the ability to make something spectacular from virtually, nothing, and share it with others.  Well that trip is well on its’ way to fruition and just the thought of soup, coupled with a stiff fall breeze and the heavy clouds over head, made me take to the kitchen to prepare……..a pot of soup!

My goodness, there is nothing like a ham bone and veggies with lentils to simmer on the stove top while outside work is being done.  The moment you walk in the house, the aroma carries a somewhat magical quality that stirs memories of Moms’ and Nanas’ who toiled to make certain the soup was just right.  Who could imagine there was such a delicate balance within a ham bone, carrots and celery, lentils, onions, and basil?  Yet there it sits, inside the deep bowl accompanied with a fresh bread stick and copious quantities of butter!

Oh, I’m sorry!  I’ve obviously become quite distracted!

A very special new addition may be arriving on the scene shortly and I’m undecided as to the stone of choice……ruby or emerald?  As expected with such gems, champagne will accompany the arrival!  The new potential addition has a fine line of distinction, a delicate flair, shows impeccable taste, and would be the defining line for any collector of gems.

I wonder, ruby, or emerald?




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