Recently Karin and I were talking and I said that I wanted to have a badge or logo designed that would be specific to the Canoe Collector.  I started to pen some different combinations and soon found out that I lacked some talent in this field.  In fact, I had extremely limited talent in this arena.  Luckily there is Chrisy!

Chrisy and Karin go way, way back and Chrisy is talent extraordinaire with regards to computer graphics and art work and has a -3 score for having extra time on her hands.  This I knew but I reached out just the same.  She was right up front and told me her schedule was hectic but I should send her what I could as a basic idea….”just stickmen, no fonts, nothing fancy, just your base idea.”  Now that has to put the mind at ease, right?  Something you love doing is quickly reduced to stickmen and you haven’t a clue as to what you might receive, or when it may show up.

Coming off of her family holidays and the morning before her return to her regular job comes an email time stamped just after 5:00 A.M. asking me to have a look and let her know if she was headed in the right direction.  I looked at it and forwarded it off to Karin for her thoughts.  Deep down I knew but I also had some questions so I asked Chrisy about the colour choice.  Her response made me smile as her answer also echoes the thoughts of Karin and I.  The red is her favourite colour for a canoe and the brown tone, she included to reflect the wood trim of a canoe.  She thought we had one like that and she was right on the money.

The new Canoe Collector emblem/logo will never change as it reflects so much behind our thoughts and it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that when you believe in someone’s talents, you run with it!



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