Plans were originally for two couples to head north to attend the Reel Paddling Film Festival and as we all know, sometimes plans will go awry.  The show was booked for the Friday night and finally on Thursday Steve and I decided to go to the show and then proceed into Algonquin Provincial Park to wet a paddle.

I need to make the point abundantly clear at this point that I am a believer that spirits past will, or do make contact with those of us on this side of the trip.  Far too many occurrences have happened to me in the presence of others to dispel  any other belief.  This recount is not to persuade you to believe, but rather, to consider.

Friday night we attended the show and needed some additional items so decided to camp out in Huntsville and proceed on in the morning.  While sleeping I dreamt, imagined, saw, some white light glow, alternately from both eyes.  I told Steve in the morning it was if a flashlight was being shone into my eyes.  I shoved it off as being tired, anxious, or just something new to dream about as it only happened twice.

Our trip into the Park was crazy because we didn’t really have a target but we had an idea about what we wanted to do.  Two targets down and we found ourselves at the Canoe Lake Portage Store.  We were headed off in the direction of Joe Lake.  Loading the canoe and pushing off reminded me of so many trips before, jumping on the water with my cousin, Tom, who has passed away some 5 years ago.

The weather was grand and good time was made.  We arrived at the portage and respectfully fed the mosquitoes on the way through and entered the interior towards Joe.  We had considered some choices and proceeded on as site after site was either all ready taken or ruled out.  Considerable distance was made and a folded over site plaque was seen and in we went.  Every thing seemed first choice about the site and the decision was made. There was an easy entry cove to land the canoe and once ashore we found a peaceful glen for the fire pit and space for our small tent.  The forest behind offered a series of trails and several additional spots for tents, however, it was the sunshine on the single space out front that put a signature on this place.

We’ve all landed and immediately gone off to see where this or that trail lead and we were no different.  After some time I found something very strange, indeed.  A pinkish granite rock that bore an uncanny likeness to the reflection of a bow and deck of a canoe.  The remarkable feature that set this apart was the initials that had been carved into the stone with outstanding quality.  This was definitely from another time where years ago, the carver took painstaking time to show pride in his work!

I never told Steve of my discovery and while we discussed some of the times Tom and I enjoyed, we agreed it was great for the two of us to get out and test some new limits.

Saturday night I again had the glow and all I can say is that it was a glowing light, not a single beam, and it switched from eye to eye.  Almost as if someone was looking in as opposed to me looking out.  I was always looking up; looking up into the corners of my eyes.

Sunday morning brought the rain as forecast and we broke camp early.  I mentioned to Steve that he had to see this rock that I’d found with the initials.  Well, I found the rock and pushed away the brush and……the initials were gone!  With the rain over the stone, it made the rock lose the impression of the carving.  It wasn’t until I wiped away the water that the initials could be seen.  Coincidence?

As I said before, I do believe and I’m not attempting to sway your opinion.  The light thing has never happened to me before and I’ve no idea why anyone would carve initials to a rock, with such care, and so far back into the bush.  So who is R. N. and why would a single shore bolt with nut and square washer be set into the rock, and why this particular site.

“And it took him to itself at last”

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