A Holy Cow Moment

A fresh breeze was against my face and the fact was, I wasn’t completely certain of where I was. The growl come from deep in his throat and I knew he was very close.  I turned my head and shifted my shoulders to see if I could detect any motion and that’s when he struck.  The attack was perfectly calculated and executed with pinpoint accuracy.  I was totally without defence.  His nose, wet and cold right in between my shoulders and I was  instantly awake!  Aw c’mon Izzy, it’s 6:00 AM…….Holy Cow!   6:00 AM and today is another adventure.

Well it was a great morning and we enjoyed our walk plus it gave Karin time to get ready for the road trip we had planned.  Water and bowl plus some road treats for Izzy, tea for Karin and COFFEE for me.  After years on the highways as a commercial driver, I selected a leisurely drive through the back roads and it was fantastic.  Just under 2 hours and after running through Mono Mills, past the Forks of the Credit, a quick right turn onto Hwy 7 and bingo, we had arrived…..at The Holy Cow Canoe Company.

Naomi had said that they were enjoying a very busy spring and she’s obviously not one for exaggerating.  We were met at the door by Gulam Baloch, General Manger, and even with his workload that we later became aware of, he made himself ready, willing and very able to answer our questions.

The Holy Cow Canoe Company has been satisfying the paddling needs of so many since 1978. They build their hulls in ultra-glass, Kevlar, and Carbon-Kevlar, both trademarked, and all models are available with a wide array of trim and options.  We found out today that Naomi  has a flair in the artistic and design background and the colour choice is a product of her input.  She obviously knows her stuff as the Robins Egg Blue is a show stopper!

Dan was in the shop laying up a new hull and showed us some very cool insider methods to ensure a high quality end result finish.  His efforts inside were echoed outside while viewing the canoes awaiting delivery and pick up.  Local, you bet; local only, not a chance!  These canoes are being shipped around the world and for very good reason.  These people ensure the boat you buy is going to perform the way you want it to.  Sure, we all want the right colour but colour doesn’t do the job, so wait a week and get the exact fit you want.

Well, we wandered the new facility inside and out and I don’t think the furnace is the only new thing; I can see a whole new chapter being written here.  Holy Cow!  Just a name, no I think it’s a feeling that reflects the work they put into these boats.  Izzy agreed and we’re not sure if he was upset with leaving or the snow hitting the windshield all the way home but he did enjoy his adventure.

Thanks again to the Holy Cow Canoe Company for having us and to your continued success.  It was a moo’ving experience.




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