To say the last few days have been exciting is a huge understatement.
When the Canoe Collector started it was a result of looking for another canoe for the family and very quickly escalated into something much bigger. New adventures were tried and tested and the entire outdoors thing for me became much wider in scope. With the new adventures came a new circle of friends and influence and subsequently, I’ve enjoyed a new feeling of self satisfaction in helping others while expanding my own horizons.
Tonight, it is with great pleasure I am announcing my affiliation with Mythic Gear – high value drysuits that allow you to paddle comfortably and safely in cold water! Mythic Gear is sponsoring myself with a drysuit so you can be sure it will get a work out and I’ll keep you all posted of every adventure.  I encourage you to check them out, as I did, at their website, https://www.mythicdrysuits.com and follow on Facebook Mythic Gear and Twitter @Mythic Gear.
In speaking with Robert Holtzman, President of Mythic Gear, I gained the confidence this is a Company that will deliver the goods and stand behind their product. So, I am definitely looking forward to some “fresh” adventures.

Feel free to drop me a line regarding your travel plans because you never know when I may be in your area.

Be good, be safe!

@MythicGear #getoutside #canoe #backcountry


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