OK, so I shot you a false header because I agree, I’m not fussy on stretching my neck out to answer that famous question, “How do I look in this one?”  Luckily today, I got to do that guy thing and go shopping with Izzy.  Now mind you Izzy is not much of a canoe dog, yet, but he’s a ripper for getting out of the house and go for a ride in the truck.  Throw in a plain Timbit and he is one appreciative dog.

So trailer hooked up last night and fuelled and gone by 7:30 headed for the London, ON area.  I was amazed to see so many people going to new jobs today because it appeared they hadn’t a clue as to where they were going.  However, no harm, no foul, no insurance claim, and no assault charges…..!  The day was shaping up just fine.

Since the very second I said, “So I’ll see your Dad on Thursday morning.” the thought that this purchase was going to go south haunted me and gnawed away at the back of my mind. The back?  Are you kidding?  I thought I heard Izzy say, “Relax Dude, this is going to come together and if not, I’m enjoying the day.  How about you?”  We are so fortunate to have an understanding dog.

Alrighty then…..the shopping list!  I was looking for something sporty!  Something sassy and splashy in red perhaps with a hint of yellow, yes yellow highlights.  Something that was strong enough  to get the job done, yet gentle enough to have a fun time doing it!  It needed the warmth of wood and the curl in the lip to say, “Bring it on!”

So bring it on, we will, right after we brought her home.  Esquif has been regarded as the primo white water canoe and I’m now fortunate enough to get into the owners circle with this beautiful Canyon model.  Watch for me this spring……it’s likely to be a red hull coming down river!

So in closing, gentlemen, just get out there and shop, shop, shop, …..for canoes and such and when the Ladies ask for assistance please be flattering, complimentary, and considerate.  Bottom line here is that it’s still winter so smarten up a bit and sleep indoors.  “Oh my goodness, that colour looks radiant…..as you’re standing beside my new canoe……..lol!


So after a tough day of shopping, there’s nothing like relaxing with a Scotch and water….whitewater, and I like it stirred and shaken!!!!


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