You just have to love the invitation that reads as follows…..” Your company is requested to join us on a late Fall adventure that will entail an easy peasy concoction of 8 lakes, 6 portages over a scant 7780 metres, within two days.  The courtesy of a reply is requested!”

“Hell, YES!”  All I got was the tease of seeing a whole lot of moose over the trip and that was good enough for me.  Again a trip that will put new players, to me, into the equation but what does that matter.  I enjoy making new friends.

So from lighter to a whole bunch lighter yet we go for this one and I’m happy to go for it.  Anyone have a phone number for cab service near Dwight… the bush….in the dark….?That’s what I thought.

Tonight I thought about the weapon of choice because at my age, the canoes don’t get lighter on their own and the portages don’t get any lighter.  So technically speaking I need help from others more qualified;  designers, purveyors, and those with the experience of tripping.  I got in touch with a company who has a John Winters design canoe that comes out at about 42-44 pounds and with the distance I’m looking at travelling, it sure as heck beats out the 72+ pounds I did recently on considerably less travel.

I’m already excited about the trip potential and now I’m getting antsy about trying out, yet, another hull design for possibly a season end trip with the paddle…..!

Season’s end is still “subject to change”



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