What Am I To Do With Them?

“Measure twice and cut once.” Great advice and it proves itself in the work.
I needed some spare room in the yard so I put the pen to paper and brought out some tools to get at the process. End result came up with a tidy three bunk rack and she’s as sturdy as if you’d built it your self. Hey, that’s exactly what I did!

I’ve got another canoe landing tomorrow and the back yard isn’t getting any larger so I went out and bought some lumber and sketched out some drawings for a canoe rack.  With a few measurements and modifications I was able to put together a 3 place bunk that is very sturdy and provides so much more room in the yard.

So, now we’ve got a red one in the garage, two on the new rack, and ….would anyone care to take a guess at the colour of the new one coming tomorrow?

This frame is solid and keeps the canoes off of the ground while providing easy access.  I like it!

So with a little planning and the use of some old school carpentry tricks, such as a cedar shake for trim, this job came off within a couple of hours and will serve these canoes very well, indeed!


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