Go easy on me, it’s been a while.
Long ago, in a far away place, I used to listen to people who would tell me of wondrous things that could happen. Sad part was that they didn’t happen in that order. The good part was that I learned to embrace many concepts that people fail to respect. The respect to only look down on somebody when you are helping them up, the ability to honestly offer assistance when the question is asked…..and expect nothing more than a thanks in return. By offering your own experience, while keeping an open mind to someone else’s views, or personal challenges, to come to a better resolve. The only way to improve is to continually test yourself to your limit.
It all began with a few, and has grown to many, only because there are so many who give, unselfishly, and so I say, thank you.
My cousin, Tom, offered the very first invite 50 years ago and it has blossomed to a whole new crew from the David’s, Christina’s, Matt’s, Marian’s, Duane’s, Terry’s, Shawn’s, and everyone else.
From here to Scotland and Italy we really need to sit back and realize what a proud community we represent and are thankful for.


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